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State KGK Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital

State KGK Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital was established in the year 1965 on the principles of Homeopathy based on the findings, teachings, and writings given by the Father of Homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

Since its inception, State KGK Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital has been an epitome of welfare of society, not only by providing the hospitality service to the mankind but also by providing a world class education & learning experience to its students. It has been successfully running right from the start under the supervision of its outstanding principals and staff. Its first Principal, Dr. S. K. Goyal, selflessly served for a tenure of three years (July 01, 1965 to June 06, 1968). After him, it got the opportunity to flourish under the supervision of its second Principal, Dr. R. N. Thakur who devoted his time and services to the college for a long period of fourteen years i.e. from July 01, 1968 to June 30, 1982. During his tenure, in the year 1981 on 11th of December, the college was undertaken by the Government of India and since then, it has been strictly following the rules, regulations and norms of the Government of India.

State KGK Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital offers a vast expanse of beautiful infrastructure on 9050 sq. meters of land. It has a big library with over 7800 books of National & International writers to enhance the wisdom and knowledge of our students. It has well-equipped departments and lecture rooms for teaching and laboratories for practical training. We also provide the facility of Smart Classes to our students so as to turn them into better and smart individuals and doctors, of course.

The hospital provides the facility of Outdoor Patient Department (OPD) and Indoor Patient Department (IPD). The IPD has a total of 25 beds available for the patients and the OPD takes care of over 250 patients every day. The hospital has a neat and clean atmosphere with a special consideration about the hygiene of the patients and the staff.

The college has provides the facility of clean & hygienic hostel facilities for girls as well as for boys. We provide separate hostel facilities for boys and girls so as to maintain the decorum of the college. The hostels have the facility of 24 hours electricity and mess, which prepares healthy & tasty food for its students.

Apart from strengthening the teaching-learning process, research and extension programs, special focus on extracurricular, sports and other similar activities to foster global competencies among the students is our priority

So, come and join us to work collectively and systematically to promote growth of this college and make it the first choice of students & the center of Homeopathic Education in Uttar Pradesh.

State KGK Medical Homoeopathic Medical College
  • State KGK Homeopathic Medical College provides outstanding homoeopathic education programs with experienced & dedicated staff and an innovative curriculum with an enviable track record in the University Examinations.
    It also provides quality clinical care, homoeopathic research and serves as a best public information center on homoeopathy Medicine.
  • State KGK Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Linepar,
    Opp: Railway Station Second Entry, Moradabad-244001
    • (0591-2482227)
    • @ principalkgkhmcollege@gmail.com
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